How to know if a product is hypoallergenic?

Allergies and skin problems have been present for a long time, however, in recent years, dermatological problems have caused more damage, due to increased pollution and foreign elements in the environment. Therefore, knowing what a hypoallergenic product is and making them part of your day to day has become very relevant.

A hypoallergenic product is not present exclusively in the personal care and hygiene or cosmetics industry , a hypoallergenic product has also been important in sectors such as the textile industry, household items, detergents and the world of jewelry.

Today we will discover together that it is a hypoallergenic product and what makes a jewel have these characteristics.

What is a hypoallergenic product?

Hypoallergenic products are defined as objects that contain, in their manufacture, materials and components that significantly reduce the risk of creating allergic skin reactions.

Something fundamental that you should know is that a hypoallergenic product does not contain substances that in most people could generate an allergy, therefore, a hypoallergenic product does not guarantee one hundred percent avoiding allergic reactions, but it does greatly reduce this risk.

Ideally, it is to know our body and identify which components generate a negative reaction when coming into contact with our skin, in this way you can choose the best hypoallergenic product for you and your health.


Who should use hypoallergenic products?

We should all start opting for hypoallergenic products in our daily lives, since no one is free from suffering any allergic reaction on the skin, since they are products that minimize intolerances or reactions that are generated, however, the use of a hypoallergenic product, It is essential for people with sensitive and delicate skin.

Remember that a hypoallergenic product aims to ensure people's health, therefore the ingredients and components they contain are friendly to your skin and avoid discomfort, health problems and hypersensitivity that any foreign component could cause.

What is a hypoallergenic jewel?

A hypoallergenic jewel is one that is made up of carefully selected metal alloys, they can be free of nickel, a metal that tends to cause allergies or, where appropriate, they contain the minimum amount of nickel, that is, amounts below what it could generate. allergies.

In the same way, a hypoallergenic jewel is one that avoids bronze and copper in their alloys, since they have a greater possibility of creating a reaction on the skin, however, let's not forget that any component in a jewel can damage our skin by creating reactions There is even an allergy to silver and gold; however, hypoallergenic jewelry greatly decreases this risk.

Get to know our hypoallergenic rhodium silver jewelry

Rhodium is a metal that is hypoallergenic , so it does not cause skin reactions or allergies to direct contact with the skin and also gives our pieces that characteristic shine and silver color.

All of our Vicari pieces are made with rhodium-plated silver , so you will avoid the possibility of skin problems, as well as the oxidation of silver over time.

Each of the pieces of jewelry are submerged in an electrolytic bath so that this metal adheres to the base metal of the jewel. Rest assured that you will discover the perfect hypoallergenic jewelery for you and you will reduce the possibility of skin problems, because it is not only hypoallergenic jewelery, but our pieces are nickel-free.

Benefits of a product that is hypoallergenic

Now that you know that it is a hypoallergenic jewel, we want to share with you 4 benefits of purchasing our Vicari hypoallergenic jewelery and the great advantages it will have for your health.

Forget about allergic reactions and skin rashes

If you suffer from wearing jewelry and your skin becomes irritated, it is time to start looking for the perfect hypoallergenic jewelry for your day to day. Remember that since it is created with materials that are compatible and friendly to your body, you will avoid future discomfort.

Say hello to the comfort and care of your health

Remember that your body is your most precious asset and you must look for alternatives that seek your health and comfort. A hypoallergenic jewel will provide you with this benefit, since you will be able to wear it without worrying about suffering from any dermatological problem such as allergies.

Buy jewelry that will last a lifetime

A hypoallergenic jewel from Vicari, with a rhodium finish, can last a lifetime, if you give it the special care it deserves . Being alloyed jewels, especially so that they maintain their shine and beauty for a long time, rest assured that you will be investing in a unique piece, which will be part of your essence during your best moments.

Say goodbye to nickel allergies

This metal is usually used in jewelry and by exceeding the recommended amount in the alloy, it tends to cause allergies in most people. It has been proven that once you suffer from an allergy, the possibility of suffering from it again is almost one hundred percent, therefore, if at any time a jewel has caused a reaction on your skin, it is time for you to opt for a hypoallergenic jewel from Vicari, since all our pieces are nickel free.

Meet our collection of hypoallergenic products

At Vicari all the silver used to make our pieces is hypoallergenic, .925 law and nickel free, endorsed by the contrast number MC-257 issued by the Mexican Ministry of Economy.

Now that you know what is hypoallergenic and how to identify a jewel with these characteristics, we recommend you always read the description of the jewel and its composition, to find out if it contains any reactive metal.

The next time you have a problem with your jewelry, don't worry, everything has a solution and you won't have to give up jewelry to look radiant. At Vicari we have the ideal hypoallergenic silver jewelery for you that will not harm your skin. Do you want to know more? We invite you to read our article: What is a hypoallergenic jewel? [with examples]
Víctor Manuel Pelfini Bátiz