7 basic jewelry that can´t be missing from your box of jewelry

Surely in your closet you have certain essential clothes, that without them you would not know what to do, so there are also different basic jewels that every woman should have in her collection. Given the infinity of accessories and models that we discover each season, it becomes even more difficult to choose the jewels for women that are essential.

The jewels, unlike the clothes that we usually choose, are the final touch that make us have the perfect look. In addition, that jewelry for women usually has a sentimental connection, which gives them greater value when wearing them.

Today we will tell you which are the 7 jewels for women that will undoubtedly become your best allies when you want to look radiant. Ready to take note?

Essential basic jewelry in your collection

1- Earrings

Without a doubt, some silver earrings cannot be missing in your jewelry box. They are basic jewels, perfect for any occasion and rest assured that they will combine with all kinds of outfits that you decide to wear.

If you are one of the girls who prefers to convey a street style essence , using silver hoop earrings will be the best accessory you can choose. In fact, hoop earrings began to have their heyday around the 80s, where women mostly wore denim jeans and white t-shirts. This is only a good sign of the importance of these 925 silver jewels, because today the 80s fashion is trending once again.

Silver hoop earrings, like our Olivia Color Diamante model , are designed to be worn on any occasion, they will always be in tune with your outfit.

But there is something that you must take into account when deciding on the ideal model for you, the size of your face, since these characteristics will define the size of the earrings, since the ideal is that they are in proportion to your face. What we want to achieve is that the earrings, together with your wardrobe, create a perfect harmony.

If your facial features tend to be round and small, opt for smaller earrings . On the other hand, if you have a longer and thinner face, the best option is to use larger hoop earrings.

2- Silver bracelets

One of the basic jewels are bracelets, of course it is one of the accessories that cannot be missing on the wrist of any woman. There is great ease when combining them and they can accompany you at the best moments.

The bracelets are so special that some can have a great meaning, so do not hesitate to wear one when you consider that the occasion warrants it. They are basic jewels because it does not matter if it is an elegant night and you wear a gala dress or it is a casual outing with your friends for breakfast, a set of bracelets will always be necessary to look radiant.

3- Rings for daily use

Wearing rings on your hands does not always mean that you are already engaged or in an alliance. Whether you use it because it has a special meaning for you or simply for the pleasure of giving that touch that makes you unique.

The rings are pieces that yes or yes should be in the basic jewelry of a woman. There are different types of rings, the rings with a thin and fine composition reflect the balance between being a special piece, but at the same time fundamental, since it provides discretion, but at the same time elegance, and obviously, they will give a characteristic touch to your outfit. . In addition to being lighter and more discreet to be able to use them on a daily basis, an example is our Luna Color Diamante model.

The larger and thicker rings significantly impose empowerment and a feeling of security. The large stones give them a unique touch that will give you elegance at night events and important occasions. A model that meets these characteristics is our Blue Opal Wave Ring.

There are so many shapes, stones and colors that of course you will have an infinite number of options for those occasions that call for wearing rings. Visit our collection of rings! You will find different 925 silver jewelry that will make you fall in love and make you look perfect

4 - Necklaces

It is time to talk about necklaces, one of the basic jewels that has been present in women's fashion for thousands of years, and has maintained its relevance to this day.

If you like to wear simple pieces, but that give you a special touch, without a doubt, thin necklaces are the ideal option for you, as they give you elegance, simplicity and that feminine touch that will steal everyone's eyes. This type of necklace is mostly used on a daily basis, due to its delicacy and beauty. A necklace that fits this description is our Adorada Color Diamond Heart model.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a necklace for a more special and elegant occasion, or it is an evening event, we recommend using more extravagant and larger necklaces , jewelry that makes you stand out and highlights your beauty.

Necklaces are one of the essential jewelery for women in her collection. It is a basic that will be your best ally for any event, it does not matter if it is day or night, just remember to choose 925 silver jewelry that matches your personality and tastes.

5 - Earrings

One of the jewels for women that will obviously help you give a magnificent touch to your style, are the earrings. The incredible thing about these jewels is that they can be used in any situation.

On a daily basis you can use lighter and silver earrings , since due to constant use, some other materials would wear out very quickly and that is why we recommend that you choose jewelry options that are forged with precious metals, silver jewelry 925 are the perfect option, since they are more durable pieces and do not lose their beauty. What do you think of our model Lucia Color Diamond Square Studs ? Its geometric shape and shine make it undoubtedly one of the basic jewels you need.

But if you don't like simple things, you can try wearing several earrings in one ear . It has become a trend in recent years and do not doubt that they will make you look spectacular. You can combine your jewelry with different sizes, geometric shapes, colors and different stones that will give a unique touch to your personality.

If it is a special occasion, such as a night party, the best option is to wear earrings that give you a night spirit. Oversized earrings, filled with sparkle, are a great option and will clearly make you glow.

6 - Charms

There is no doubt that the pendants are basic jewels that cannot be missing, they are perfect pieces that adapt to different types of chains or necklaces, to give your neck more aesthetics. Beyond being very popular jewelry for women, they have a special meaning, because for many it is a type of amulet , which represents your ideas, the essence of your personality or your vision of life.

There are a wide variety of figures, shapes and colors, at Vicari all our jewels are made of 925 silver and we have different collections where you can discover the perfect pendant that conveys your essence and beauty.

7 - Jewelry sets

To close with the best, we have sets as one of the basic jewels, those pieces that were created with the same attribute and essence. Jewelry sets tend to be designed with the same metal, stone, color, and shape; this allows you to transmit a unique harmony when using it.

At Vicari we have different collections and jewelry sets, which of course will be part of your basic jewelry on any occasion.

Now that you know the list of the 7 basic jewels that should be in your collection , it is time for you to discover the wide variety of 925 silver jewelery that we have for you. Surely you will find one that you fall in love with and make you look radiant. Visit our online store!

Víctor Manuel Pelfini Bátiz