The magic and mysticism of silver jewelry that transcends


Get to know our high jewelry collections. They are inspired by the richness of the Mexican southeast, in the colors and the shapes that we find in nature.

We transform them into unique gifts that synthesize the love for beauty.


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Joyeria de plata 925

Silvier Mexico,

High Jewelry


Each of our pieces, in addition to being hypoallergenic, are alloyed in 925 silver jewelry, guaranteeing your well-being so that your only concern is looking good.

Joyeria de plata fina

We forge 925 silver jewelry of the best quality


Vicari has become the number one brand of fine silver jewelry in the Mexican southeast. We work with goldsmiths from different parts of the world who are inspired by Mexico, as a result, we achieve  the perfect fusion between tradition and modernity.

Vicari Jewelry stands out in the silver sector for the unique quality of its irreplaceable designs.