6 common mistakes you should avoid when buying a ring

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations, therefore, it is necessary to have everything in order, the smallest detail is essential to make that day something magical. One of the points that many couples may worry about is avoiding the main mistakes when buying an engagement ring.

First of all, it is normal to make mistakes and not take various elements into account, but the most crucial thing about this search is to enjoy the process that you must go through, to find the best engagement rings and finally choose the perfect one for your partner.

In this article, we are going to explore the main mistakes and how you can avoid them at all costs.


1- Not informing yourself before buying

One of the main mistakes when buying an engagement ring is to ignore the subject . Rings are a very special piece, for this reason they have certain technical characteristics that make each of the jewels different and unique . It is important to investigate before making a purchase, since there are different elements that make up the ring, such as:

  • Metal with which it was forged.
  • Type of stone that are part of the engagement ring.
  • The quality of the ring.
  • Shape of the stone and design of the ring.

On the other hand, one of the tips to avoid mistakes and find the best engagement rings is to know the meaning and symbolism of the pieces and each element that compose it, an example is our Alma Color Diamante Corazón piece, since the cut of the Stone is a shape that undoubtedly represents the love between the two.

Remember that an engagement ring is the symbol of the eternal covenant and the love of two people reflected in their union.

At Vicari, we have a wide variety of rings with different designs, all our pieces are forged with 925 silver.


2- Not making a budget

Not knowing the budget for this element is one of the biggest mistakes when buying an engagement ring, although it is relevant, there are other accessories for the wedding day and everything that entails, therefore, the ideal is to establish a budget especially for the engagement ring.

In this way, the search will be easier, since the possibilities are greater when we have an established budget, in this way you will be able to discover where to buy the perfect engagement rings for your partner.


3- Not taking into account the style of your partner

To find the best engagement rings for that special person, you must take into account their tastes, characteristics and essence, remember that it will be a symbol of that pact that they make with each other, therefore, one of the main mistakes when buying a engagement ring, is to ignore this.

Although it may seem obvious, the emotion of the moment and the enthusiasm to find the perfect engagement ring can divert the main objective and the preferences of who will wear the piece. What we recommend is that you observe your partner and identify their tastes, before beginning your search, you can see what type of jewelry they wear, the stone cuts they like, if they like simplicity, like our Laura Color Diamante model Round or the other way around, he prefers pieces that make an impact, like the Ayse Color Diamante Redondo piece.

Taking these points into account, you will surely find where to buy the perfect engagement rings for that long-awaited day.



4- Not correctly measuring the size of the engagement ring

This is one of the main mistakes when buying an engagement ring, measuring the size wrong, a reality is that knowing your partner's ring size is a difficult task, however, there are techniques that can help you in this task, without that no one discovers your intention to request a hand, we will describe some of them below.

  • Get a ring from your partner and trace a circle around the inner outline of the piece.
  • Measure the diameter of the circle above and use it as a guide for measurements.
  • Go to a jewelry store where you can find engagement rings, and bring a ring from your partner as a guide to finding the right size.


5- Let many people influence your decision

Most don't want to admit it, but one of the most common mistakes when buying an engagement ring is letting other people influence the decision you make. Although making the choice is very important work and you may need advice to avoid failing in the process, we recommend that you keep in mind that you are the one who has the last word and you know your partner best.

Some ideas that can help you take inspiration and direction for your decision are:

  • Ask people close to your partner, their best friend, mom, sister, etc. Of the advice they give you, identify which ones are related to each other and only stick with the recommendations that are valid based on what you know about your partner.
  • Observe your partner and distinguish what they like and what they don't.
  • You can be inspired by jewelry trends , however, the main thing is the tastes of that special person.


6- Not knowing the authenticity of the ring

Finding the perfect piece requires a lot of research and research prior to the purchase, however, you will avoid making mistakes if you go and find jewelry stores where you can buy engagement rings, which provide you with security and certify the authenticity of your jewel.

Avoid stores of Asian origin at all costs, as they offer 925 sterling silver; however, it is not authentic and you could be acquiring another type of manipulated alloy and even costume jewelry.

At Vicari, each of our pieces, in addition to being hypoallergenic , are alloyed in 925 silver jewelry with rhodium plating , each piece undergoes an extremely special and detailed process, all the silver used to make our pieces is nickel-free. , endorsed by the contrast number MC-257 issued by the Mexican Ministry of Economy, guaranteeing shine for much longer and preventing any type of allergy, maintaining the sparkle of silver.

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