5 properties of sterling silver or 925 silver that you should know

Do you already know all the properties of sterling silver? Find out how fascinating it is! Beyond the popularity it has acquired for its brilliance and delicacy, silver is a material that hides ancient secrets: Since its discovery -approximately in the year 3000 BC- silver has been alloyed to create both works of art and accessories, but Did you know that it is a noble material that can bring great benefits for both the body and the mind?

In this post, we tell you more about sterling silver: What it is, what it offers to those who wear it; thus, you will be able to choose your favorite pieces with the certainty that .925 silver is the perfect material to look and feel comfortable and spectacular all the time.

What is sterling silver or 925 silver?

Sterling silver or .925 silver is a material commonly used in jewelry; It is called that because it is made up of at least 92.5% silver, and the remaining percentage includes other types of materials, such as copper. This is the case because, if the pieces were made of 100% silver, it would be practically impossible for them to be resistant.

In this way, .925 silver is used to create pieces of jewelry that are distinguished by their shine and malleability, which increases their resistance and minimizes the risk of dents or scratches; however, this is not the only benefit of using sterling silver: find out how it is ideal for all skin types!

Properties of sterling silver and its benefits

Did you know that .925 silver can benefit your physical and mental health? From reducing physical illnesses to alleviating the symptoms of certain ailments, sterling silver is the perfect companion to take with you everywhere, and what better way to do it with designs like earrings, necklaces and bracelets that match your favorite clothes.

Now, it's time to find out in detail what are the properties that distinguish .925 silver from other materials and why it's a good idea for your new favorite accessories to be made with it. It's not just about aesthetics, it's also about well-being!

It is antioxidant

Sterling silver is a noble material and, therefore, does not oxidize, so it will maintain its quality permanently, as long as it is given proper care (clean it, separate it from other accessories and avoid contact with substances corrosive)

Reduces allergic reactions

Have you ever bought an accessory that changes color or hurts your skin? With sterling silver, this risk will drastically decrease, since this type of noble material is suitable for practically all skin types. Thus, you will have the confidence that you will be able to enjoy your best events without worrying about suffering from allergic reactions to your new jewelry.

It is more accessible

The natural shine of silver will give a touch of elegance to all your rings , earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and best of all, its price is accessible compared to other materials such as gold.

Regulates body temperature and protects from radiation

Radiation is a phenomenon that human beings live with on a daily basis and from which it is practically possible to escape , but did you know that by wearing sterling silver accessories you are protecting your body from possible damage caused by radiation? Jewelry made of .925 silver serves as a thermal and electrical conductor, something that protects the skin from radiation from sunlight and electronic devices.

Reduces anxiety and stress

If they told you that a sterling silver accessory would help you improve your quality of life, what would you say? Well this is true! When you wear a .925 silver accessory, it helps to more effectively distribute heat throughout the body, which, in turn, promotes physical and mental well-being.

When you wear a silver accessory, you could notice an improvement in your mood, as well as a reduction in stress and thoughts that tend to steal your calm during the day; in some cases, pieces like charms and rings provide security just by touching them. You may want to choose yours today!

Without a doubt, it is a perfect ally to complement your outfits and ensure your well-being to give your best no matter where you are.

Fight viruses and bacteria

Sterling silver will not only make you look and feel good, it will also protect your body from diseases caused by certain bacteria , fungi and viruses; This is because silver ions inhibit metabolism and cellular energy production, causing microorganisms to quickly lose their ability to grow and reproduce.

Helps you sleep better

Among the properties of sterling silver is also the fact that it promotes circulation, hormonal balance and regulates body temperature; With this, people who use silver accessories have a lower risk of suffering from insomnia, granting a restful sleep that allows them to have greater energy and clarity to carry out daily tasks.

It is an ally in health care

As you can see, sterling silver is rich in properties that have the potential to improve your physical and mental health; Of course, this is not a substitute for medical attention, but it is a delicate detail that offers you emotional support and scientifically proven benefits. Do you want to start checking the advantages of using it? Choose today the .925 silver accessories that will accompany you every day!

Benefits of sterling silver: What are the best accessories to enjoy?

Choose the .925 silver accessories that best suit your style and needs, such as:

  • Isla Blanca Blue Opal Earring: A delicate design in sterling silver in blue tones and inspired by the ocean; Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
  • Goccio Blue Sapphire Drop Necklace: It will give a radiant motif to all your outfits thanks to its fine details; It is forged in .925 silver and has a rhodium plating that reduces the risk of allergic reactions to the accessory.
  • Diana Round Blue Opal Bracelet: An elegant and sophisticated detail that will give you all the benefits of sterling silver to give you security at all times.

Do you want to discover for yourself the properties and benefits of sterling silver? Find your favorite accessories at vicari.mx!

Víctor Manuel Pelfini Bátiz