Wich one is better gold or silver? here is the answer depending on the skin tone

Jewels are our best friends. They make the features of the face stand out in such a way that our best attributes shine; they adorn and beautify our essence to make us feel safe, unique and elegant.

However, many times it is confusing to know what type of jewelry goes with us, and it is that to determine if you have to use gold or silver, it is according to your skin. In this blog, we explain it in more depth.


How do I know if I have warm or cold skin?

Surely you have heard that the answer to this question depends on whether you are warm or cold, but how do you know if I have warm or cold skin?

There are several tips that we can give you. The first of them is to look at your wrists, take a good look at the color of your veins and they are bluish, so your skin is cold in tone . On the contrary, if you see them green, you have warm tones or there are even those who have both, which would classify them as a neutral tone.

If this method is difficult for you, there is another quite effective one, which consists of placing a pale pink paper or cloth and another orange. Make sure you have a mirror handy and that you are in a space where natural light will reflect you; then compare both papers on your face, which one suits you better? Pink indicates cold tones and orange, warm.





Gold or silver jewelry according to skin type

Once your skin type is identified, you can easily know how to choose gold or silver according to your skin. If you already know, now is the time to find out what is best for you, here we present a gold vs silver.


Jewelry for warm skin

For warm skin, those that tan easily during the summer, gold definitely looks better. Ocher, earthy or orange colors are the best to give light, shine and to highlight your features.

As for jewelry, we can highlight emeralds and mayanitas; These will give your look depth, in addition to the fact that, combined with light garments, they will make you look elegant. An excellent option for you are our emerald green orella earrings, special for special occasions or for days where you want to look totally sophisticated.

In the same way, the solei ring will make whatever you are wearing stand out, since the mayanita is a stone inspired by mysticism. Yes or if there will be something remarkable in you when using this jewel.


Jewelry for cold skin

This type of skin gets along better with silver, as it makes it shine, enhances the features and illuminates the smile. An advantage of silver is its durability, since it does not need to be taken care of or maintained, unlike other metals.

Whether you want to show off your silver jewelry at parties, on the beach, or on a daily basis, its portability gives you the ease and flexibility to take it anywhere.

Our recommendations for you are sapphires and diamonds. At Vicari we have a wide variety of these jewels, among which we can highlight our Monterreal Necklace, which is encrusted with white zircons and forged in 925 silver, it is ideal for those casual days where you want to look simple, fresh, but also elegant.

If you are looking to look subtle, youthful and brighten your face, we recommend the Daniela bracelet , perfect to give your outfit a special touch to stand out from the crowd. All eyes will be on you!

Now, you have already learned two things: how to know if you have warm or cold skin and how to choose gold or silver according to your skin type and also, you already know some of the 7 basic jewels that cannot be missing in your jewelery box, we invite you to stop by through our website to know them all. Knowing this will help you make a better choice of the type of jewelry that suits you, your personality and also to be able to combine them with your best outfits or clothes in different settings. Although remember that between gold vs silver, you can choose the one you like best!

At Vicari you will find a wide variety of jewelry of the highest quality, forged with 925 silver and hypoallergenic. Each one of them is inspired by aspects of Mexican culture and provides unique elements to make you stand out.

Víctor Manuel Pelfini Bátiz