How to match earrings and necklaces? Technique discovered

Knowing how to combine earrings and necklaces will allow you to have a touch of glamour, sophistication and self-presentation, once you master it, your style will undoubtedly stand out. These two accessories are crucial when creating your outfits , so today we will show you how to combine jewelry and look amazing.

Maybe you like to buy fashion jewelry sets, to avoid the hassle of knowing how to combine them. Or perhaps you are from the other group, where in your jewelry collection you can find a variety of loose earrings and necklaces, but they are worth showing off, due to their beautiful designs. Whatever your case, there is always the possibility of learning how to combine your jewelry perfectly.

Finding the balance between a seasonal necklace and our favorite earrings is not easy, but don't worry, that happens to anyone.

Learn how to combine earrings and necklaces

The first piece of advice that we give you is to go beyond what is believed at first glance, since knowing how to combine jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces, is more than just complementing one accessory with the other.

These two have a fundamental part when we talk about a heterogeneous appearance. If you don't take the time to get it right, it could be detrimental to your style. Therefore, below we will show you how to combine earrings and necklaces, with 7 simple techniques:


1. Make a combination of materials

One of the most captivating ways to learn how to combine jewelry is to analyze the variety of earrings and necklaces that you have in your collection and pair both accessories according to the type of material with which they are made.

A clear example of this is when you want to combine a silver necklace with different colored stones and earrings. Here the best decision is to complement your set with earrings of the same material, silver, because even if they do not have brightly colored stones, you can achieve a balance if you learn how to combine both jewels according to the material.

Over time, you will become an expert and quickly identify the material that predominates in the piece of jewelry and in this way you will use it as a reference to select the perfect combination of earrings and necklaces.


2. Create a harmony with the stones of the piece

If what you love is using stones in your accessories, this technique will be much easier for you, since there is no better combination than earrings and necklaces with the same stone in their composition. That is why at Vicari, we are inspired by different stones, to create our jewelry, a clear example is our Opalo Azul collection, an idea to combine earrings and necklaces is the Crush Opalo Azul Tortuga Necklace and the Orizaba Opalo Azul Earrings.

This technique is simple, you just have to make the earrings and necklaces match the color or tone of the stone, in order to have a perfect harmony with your jewelry, regardless of its shape or size.



3. Wear earrings and necklaces with the same theme

Another technique that we also recommend applying are jewels with the same theme , that is, there are figures that go according to each other, an example is our beautiful Adorada Azul Sapphire Heart necklace and the perfect harmony it makes with the Alma Azul Sapphire Heart earrings, that by using the same base, stone and theme, they make a perfect balance.

As a result, we have that regardless of the color, size and design of the jewelry you want to wear, if the same jewelry theme is based, they can make a good combination.


4. Matching size and shape

To know how to combine jewelry, you must take into account the sizes, and identify which are the pieces that make a perfect harmony together and which do not.

If you want to wear some characteristic earrings and you want them to be the center of attention of all your accessories, do not worry so much about your necklace, you may prefer not to wear one, or else use the previous technique of combining materials that create a balance when choosing by models of thin and fine earrings. On the other hand, if you want to use more discreet earrings, you can create a balance by using long and thick necklaces.

If you have earrings and necklaces that just don't match in color, size, texture, and theme, don't worry, if they're a similar geometric shape, you can wear them together.

Combining jewels with the same design and shape is an important point when creating sets, since these could fit perfectly due to their design. Without a doubt, a geometric composition of your earrings and necklaces will make you stand out on any special occasion.

5. Play a game of colors

If you love bright colors and you reflect it in your accessories , rest assured that the combination of stones, crystals and metals of similar colors will always be a good option to look simple and unified.

But if you are a girl who loves to experiment and try new things, then wearing contrasting colors is for you. Instead of wearing one-tone jewelry, try contrasting shades. Just remember to have a stability with the colors in uniform tones, this way you will avoid that one is more striking and opaque the other. One piece of advice is to choose colors in earth tones, since they are easier to combine.


6. Find a balance with brightness

Although it seems like a somewhat obvious technique, brightness and color can make you dazzle. This combination consists of choosing earrings without colors or bright and combining it with necklaces that provide a much more vibrant tone.

You can combine them however it is, it does not matter if you choose earrings with color and combine them with a necklace of neutral colors and with absent shine, or vice versa. Experiment in front of the mirror!


7. A fun way to combine your accessories

Perhaps you think that those fashion experts did not struggle to know how and when to choose the earrings and necklaces they would wear, but this is not the case, everyone at some point came to experience these jewels that convey their style.

Add fun to this! You can use a theme that comes more with you, so you will give it a touch of your personality, it can be something that inspires or motivates you. An example are themes such as animals, nature, among other similar ones.

Show your love for nature and the ocean with the combination of our different accessories such as the Mahahual Opalo Azul Earrings and the Mahahual Opalo Azul Necklace that will surely make you look spectacular.

Now that you know how to perfectly combine your earrings and necklaces, put everything you have learned into practice. Don't be afraid to experiment. Take a look in the mirror and create different sets of accessories and look radiant wherever you go. Meet our online store!

Víctor Manuel Pelfini Bátiz