The essential list of accesories for a wedding and how to be a spectacular guest

Jewelry should always be present in special moments and wedding accessories are one of the elements that cannot be missing if you were invited to a date as special as this one. Today you will discover with us which is the ideal party dress jewelry for your next event. Ready to take note?

What aspects should you consider when choosing wedding accessories?

Before giving you the definitive list of accessories for dresses that you should use in your next event as a guest, we want to share with you those aspects that you should analyze prior to choosing your jewelry for party dresses, although they are accessories that can stand out perfectly Your beauty and style are also a double-edged sword, because if you don't create a harmonious combination, they could clash with your dress. To avoid this situation, take into account the following points:

Dress color and design

The starting point when choosing wedding accessories will always be the color and design of your dress. A rule of thumb is to wear jewelry with shades similar to those of your dress, but not the same, it can also be a contrasting color or, in any case, gold and silver tones. Later we will give you some examples of jewelry for party dresses, made of 925 silver.

Type or theme of the wedding

Now that you know which dress will be your faithful companion, you should consider the theme of the wedding , if it is traditional style daytime in a garden, maybe it will be in the middle of the afternoon on a beach with a more bohemian touch or it will definitely be a wedding event. a lot of elegance that a spectacular evening dress demands, each of these aspects are relevant for you to decide the type of wedding accessories that you will use.

comfort and style

The main rule is that you can feel yourself and not a disguised version that you don't know, remember that less is more and you must express yourself comfortably with the jewelry for party dresses that you use. Do not forget that accessories are something that complement and create a balance in your style.

Dress code

One more element to consider the jewelry for party dresses that you will use, is if there is a dress code that the couple requests, it may be a casual event, a cocktail or a gala night, the key is to choose according to the dress code and see that your wedding accessories go in harmony with your outfit.



5 wedding accessories that cannot be missing if you want to be a stellar guest

1 - Earrings

Your face is the main point of the style you want to reflect on that special day and one of the essential and most basic wedding accessories are earrings. An important point is to find hoop earrings designs that have predominant stones, such as our Olivia Color Diamante model. Silver hoop earrings will always be a great option and you can stand out by choosing tones that contrast with your dress or in any case that go together, such as emerald, ruby ​​red and sapphire tones.

2 - Bracelets

This is one of the essential party dress accessories and you can choose the design according to the type and color of the dress. If it is a dress with fine and delicate cuts, where there is only one hue, you can use more striking bracelets with larger stones, such as our Light Opal Turquoise Sun model.

Light Opal Turquoise Sun Bracelet


But if we are talking about a dress with more striking details, such as lace, patterns, sequins or a thicker cut design, thin, small and delicately styled bracelets are the best accessory option for party dresses.

Diana Round White Opal Bracelet



3- Necklaces

In this type of wedding accessories, the key is in the neckline of your dress, the larger the neckline size, you can choose longer necklaces and the smaller it is, the necklaces should be smaller. If we are talking about a wedding for the day, the best option is delicate and fine jewelry, like our Isabela Color Round Diamond model.

The ideal jewelry for evening party dresses , where elegance predominates, are thick necklaces, larger or with more elaborate stone details, the choice of design must be in balance with the color of your dress and its neckline.

Aurora Mixed Diamond Color Necklace


4 - Earrings

We continue with one of the most important accessories for dresses, because they make your face stand out if you know how to choose them . The best tactic that you can carry out to choose the ideal pair of earrings is to find that they match your dress or are the contrast. Silver tones and diamond colors will always be a classic, an example is our Laura Color Diamante model.

Laura Color Diamond Earring


One more clue to choose the perfect pair of earrings, is the time of the wedding, as we have analyzed previously, if it is a wedding that requires a dress for a sunny afternoon, small earrings are perfect, but if it is necessary that you wear a dress gala, you should opt for larger earrings.

5- Rings

To finish our list, we will analyze one of the essential wedding accessories, but little remembered, are the rings. These will help you reflect authority, delicacy and femininity. The secret to choosing this type of jewelry for party dresses is to match your earrings, so your outfit will be in tune. One of the latest trends, especially in night weddings, are iridescent colors, like our Eliza Mayanita Oval model , since it matches different shades of dresses and accessories.

Eliza Mayanita Oval Ring


Now that you know the essential accessories to be the most beautiful guest at the next wedding you attend, it's time for you to put these tips into practice and in case you need an accessory, you can start by discovering our collection of bracelets , by clicking here.

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