Can silver jewelry get wet? what no one tells you

The care of your jewelry is not an issue that should be taken lightly, that is why it is important to prevent with various measures so that your silver pieces never lose that beautiful characteristic shine, but surely you have wondered if silver can get wet . In this article we will find out!

Silver jewelry is an accessory that is often used daily, so it is almost inevitable not to mix silver and water, because whether it is taking a bath, washing your hands or in any carelessness and activity, it is very common that silver Get wet.

Let us remember that silver, being a noble metal , does not rust; however, it can become damaged or lose its shine if not cared for properly . The main question is can sterling silver get wet and this really depends on the circumstances. If you want to know what factors it depends on or how you can take better care of your pieces, we invite you to continue reading.

Can sterling silver get wet?

The answer is yes, as long as the water with which the piece of silver comes into contact does not contain chemical agents, only then will it not be damaged . It is important that once the silver gets wet, you dry it correctly, because if it is left wet, it can lose its shine and even, if it is not done correctly, it can scratch due to the friction that occurs. generates when dried. So try to use a special flannel or cloth to give the best care to your pieces.

Can I bathe with the silver?

Silver jewelry is an accessory that is usually worn for a large part of the day, it is very common for people to choose to get into the shower without removing their pieces. If this is a case that happens from time to time, or occasionally, it should not generate severe damage to your jewelry, as we mentioned before, water without chemical agents does not affect silver, which means that if you have rings , bracelets or necklaces and they get splashed, all you have to do is dry the pieces properly.

But, you must be very careful when silver and water are in direct contact over and over again, on a regular basis, as you can dull your pieces . The best advice we can give you is to use your silver pieces for special occasions and avoid wearing them when bathing. If you get them wet, we recommend you dry them correctly.



Are silver and pool water a good idea?

When speaking in the case of swimming pools or swimming pools, you should avoid getting your silver pieces wet, since unlike water from the shower and from your home, it does contain chemical compounds such as chlorine, among others.

Just like swimming pool water, the same thing happens with spas, spas or water parks, as they usually contain compounds that harm silver, so it is better to remove your pieces when you find yourself in any of these situations.


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Can silver get wet with sea water?

We already talked about bathtubs, sinks and spas, it's time to talk about sea water. It is almost impossible not to think about how good you will look if you wear your favorite pieces when you go to the beach, but surely you have wondered if sterling silver can get wet in those conditions. To answer this, it is necessary to remember that water and silver are not enemies, on the contrary, sometimes they can be good allies when they are submerged occasionally.

Silver can get wet in the sea, as long as it is done with the correct care, since salt and sand can scratch it, so be very careful when you decide to use silver in the sea. The main thing will be not to do it constantly and when you have the need to do it, you should rinse it abundantly, to remove any residue of salt or sand and, when finished, dry it gently.

Does sweat affect silver?

What happens if your silver pieces get wet from sweat? When it is too hot, it is inevitable not to sweat, however, it is advisable to take care of the use of silver when you perspire, since we tend to segregate toxins and waste substances. Do not forget that silver is severely affected when it meets different chemical compounds, for that reason it is better to avoid contact of sweat with silver.

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