What does the sapphire stone mean?

There are different stones that are present in the world of jewelry, their colors make each piece unique. Today we will talk about the meaning of the sapphire, a stone full of beauty, power and spirituality within.

Despite being a stone with ancient origins, its popularity is still present today, as personalities such as Lady Diana and many brides have chosen the sapphire and its spiritual meaning as the main stone of their engagement ring.

Ready to discover the meaning of sapphire and its relevance in jewelry?


What is sapphire?

The sapphire is a bluish precious stone that belongs to the corydon family , today they have become as relevant as emeralds or rubies. The word sapphire comes from the Latin sapphirus, which means bluish stone.

The characteristic blue color of the stone has given great meaning to sapphire, it is generated thanks to its chemical composition, which by combining iron, titanium and aluminum oxides, creates the beautiful bluish color of sapphire. Sapphires are thought by many to be sister stones to ruby, due to their similarities in composition.

Monterreal Blue Sapphire Round Necklace



Origin of sapphire

Like many of the stones used in jewelry today, the meaning of sapphire has its origins thousands of years ago , making its first appearances in religious and mythological tales of our ancestors.

For example, one of its historical appearances occurs in the Bible and the Jewish people, as some believe that the origin of the meaning of the sapphire, etymologically comes from the Hebrew sappir, which means precious stone. For this reason it is mentioned in Exodus, referring to blue sapphires of celestial purity, and in Ezekiel they were called as stones of fire.

Within other cultures, such as Hindu astrological beliefs, sapphire was given meaning as a Saturn gemstone, and in ancient Greece it also represented the god of Olympus, Saturn.

For the ancient Persians, it was an extremely important stone, because they believed that the earth rested on a large sapphire and that is why the sky was blue, because it was a reflection of that beautiful color.

Even for monarchs and British royalty, the meaning of sapphire has been relevant, as it has been present in many royal jewelry, the most current example being when King Charles decided to give Princess Diana a sapphire blue engagement ring. and this marked a new trend for the world of jewelry.

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What is the spiritual meaning of sapphire?

Entering the most fundamental issue, it is valuable to know the spiritual meaning of the sapphire, since this stone has been the protagonist of many beliefs throughout history and its properties have made it stand out in jewelry. Here we list what the sapphire means:

  • It is related to fidelity and sincerity, for this reason it is a color that is linked to love, this is reflected in the recent popularity of engagement or promise rings, which are sapphire blue, since they detonate the qualities of a Relationship.
  • On the subject of health, it is believed that it is a stone that brings peace to our spirit , and can help us improve our attention and concentration.
  • The spiritual meaning goes further, because for many it is a color that triggers the wisdom and awareness of the person who wears the jewel, provides strength and a higher level of consciousness. In the same way it is a color that reflects purity.
  • For others, it is the stone and the color of wisdom and intellectuality, as it can help to improve understanding and knowledge, both in the personal field, as well as the subject of studies or work. Some people wear jewelry of this color to enter a plane of greater intellectual growth.
  • Another meaning of the sapphire is protection, because by reflecting peace , it is believed that it has protective properties against bad energy, which is why travelers used to carry a piece of sapphire with them, to protect themselves during their journeys.


Now that you know the meaning of sapphire, you will be able to correctly choose a piece of jewelry of this beautiful color , to use it in your favor, thanks to its spiritual meaning.

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