Which is the right hand to wear an engagement ring? Clue: It's different in each country

What hand does the engagement ring go on? Left or right hand? This is a question that many couples have, they don't know exactly where the engagement ring goes. One reality is that there are wedding traditions that serve as a guide for this important moment, however, each couple begins their own story and is free to choose.

Although it seems surprising, in each country or region there are different traditions to choose which hand the engagement ring goes on , so in this blog we will talk a little about how it is customary to do it in Mexico, the origin of the importance of knowing which finger the engagement ring goes and what is the tradition in other countries.

In which hand does the engagement ring go in Mexico?

In Mexico, tradition dictates that this fundamental jewel is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, when the time of the wedding arrives and the wedding rings are given, in the case of the groom it is placed on the left hand on the same finger. annular and since the bride is the only one who wears an engagement ring, the ring is placed in the same place as the engagement ring, one on top of the other, in this way it is represented that the origin of the alliance was given from the ring commitment and the ring covers this jewel as a symbol that seals that alliance.



In the event that the couple has chosen to wear promise rings, this can be worn on any finger or hand , but if the couple prefers to differentiate the promise and engagement ring, they can choose not to wear the ring on the ring finger. If, in any case, you want to use it on that finger, when the engagement ring arrives, it will only be the decision of the couple or the bride to use both rings or place the promise ring on another finger.

Origin of the engagement ring on the ring finger

To know which finger the engagement ring goes on, it is relevant that you discover the 2 ancient theories that give rise to the fact that the finger chosen as the bearer of this important symbol of love is the ring finger, below we describe each one of them.

history of ancient rome

The Romans believed that our body had an important vein, since it went directly to our heart, it was called "Vena Amoris" which translated means "Heart Vein". This vein, according to the Romans, was located precisely on the ring finger, that is how this finger became important and was seen as the exact point to reach the heart.

Despite the fact that today we know that this vein does not exist, the tradition and belief were passed from generation to generation, while even San Isidoro recognized that this was the place for the rings that represent the union of a marriage, because It was the perfect symbol of love and fidelity, naming it "middle finger".

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Chinese origin story

The second theory about where the engagement ring goes originates from China, some say that it is more romantic than the previous story, since it is given from a famous sleight of hand in that region. Do you want to try? Only in this way will you understand where this belief comes from. Follow these steps and pay attention to the meaning of each finger:

  1. Join the palms of your hands and then the tips of all your fingers.
  2. Then fold in the middle fingers , for the Chinese this finger represents yourself, as an individual.
  3. Now that you have all the fingers joined at the tips, except for the middle fingers, try to separate each one.
  4. Separate the index fingers, you can do it without any problem, they represent the siblings, who are important in the life of the couple, but who at some point separate to form their own families.
  5. By separating the thumbs , you will not have any problem either, these represent the parents, who are a fundamental part of the life of any individual, however, they are not destined to be always present.
  6. The little fingers represent the couple's children , who will be part of their lives, however, like parents and siblings, at some point in their lives, they will create their own path and love story.
  7. Finally, try to separate the ring fingers, no matter how hard you try in that position of the hand, it will be impossible for you to do it, if you do, you will only be able to do it for a few seconds and your hand will hurt, that is how the Chinese gave the interpretation to this finger, as a symbol of that unbreakable bond of love, marriage.


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Did you try? For the Chinese, each of the fingers of the hand represents an important link in the life of the couple and since everyone is linked to their life, however, that union can be separated at some point, despite the union of the couple. No, because marriage is a bond that is made for a lifetime. Now you know which finger the engagement ring goes on!

Where does the engagement ring go in other countries?

As we discussed earlier, the decision of which hand the engagement ring goes on is something the couple must make together. Some couples are more traditionalists and seek to respect customs, however, other couples start their own traditions or continue those imposed by their predecessors.

Whatever the choice of the couple, it is essential to know that the place where the engagement ring goes changes according to the countries and even regions. Below we share a list of different countries and their tradition to wear the engagement ring:

  • Brazil, Uruguay, Syria and Turkey : The finger where the engagement ring goes is placed on the right hand and changes to the left hand on the wedding day, on both hands it is worn on the ring finger.
  • Colombia, Holland and Germany: Tradition in those countries dictates that the area where the engagement ring goes is the left hand and after the wedding the area is changed to the right hand, where the wedding rings are also worn.
  • Mexico, the United States, Argentina, Asian countries and most European countries such as France and the United Kingdom : As we analyzed in the case of Mexico, both the engagement ring and the wedding bands are always carried on the left hand and on the ring finger.
  • India: You will never see a couple from this country wearing their engagement ring and their wedding rings on their left hand, because there is a belief that this hand is impure or dirty, so the place where the engagement ring goes will always be the right hand.
  • Sri Lanka : This South Asian country has a peculiar tradition, where the groom wears the ring on his right hand and the bride on her left hand, in this way, when the couple holds hands, both rings meet and they stay together.


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