What is the difference between a promise ring and engagement ring?

Today, rings are more than just accessories , the origin of this jewel has a deep meaning, as it represents the symbol of endless love for many couples. In this blog we will tell you a little more about the importance of a promise and engagement ring, its differences and meaning.

Like every woman, you have surely dreamed of that special moment, where the love of your life kneels down, asks you to marry her, and gives you one of the most precious jewels that will belong to you for the rest of your life, the engagement ring . But, before that beautiful ring that promises a life with a different course, there is a jewel that has an equally special meaning and that, although it may not seem like it, has a seal of deep love.

Have you already heard of this desired promise ring? Are you ready to find out what is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring ? Today we will tell you more about the importance of both jewels.

promise ring

The promise ring represents an agreement that the couple make and is the one that is delivered before the engagement ring. More than an object, the meaning is what makes it special.

Many people believe that this jewel is unnecessary , that it is enough to deliver the engagement ring, but of course, that will depend on each couple, because for many, the importance of this piece of jewelery represents the clarity of future intentions.

This ring shows the exclusivity and that bond between the couple, since its purpose is that one day it will be replaced by the engagement ring.

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promise ring design

The design of a promise ring in particular is simpler and thinner, they can include a stone or engraving. More than anything, this ring represents the dedication that the couple makes to each other, the pure love and fidelity that the couple expresses, as it is known as the prelude to commitment. But also promise rings can represent the free union of a couple.

A promise ring reflects the best of each love story, it represents the future you dream of with that special person. At Vicari we have a wide variety of perfect models to be that promise ring you need.

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Engagement ring

The engagement ring represents the symbol of a promise of love, without beginning or end, hence the shape of the circle , resembling the infinity of the love that the couple is expressing, it is the symbol that both agree to create a life together through marriage and cohabitation until their last days.

When a love story begins with a "yes", the engagement ring cannot be missing during that special moment. By handing over this ring, they are expressing that the couple is ready to take the next step: marriage.

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Normally, as is customary, the bride is the only one who receives a ring and wears it until her wedding day, so that, finally, both receive the wedding band, on that special day and in front of all their loved ones.

Always keep in mind that it does not matter what size the jewel is, the most important thing is the meaning it has, that is why many grooms choose the design of the engagement ring based on the personality and tastes of the bride. At Vicari, we have a wide variety of engagement rings that are worthy of representing the love of your partner.



engagement ring design

The design of an engagement ring usually has an impressive variety of shapes and stones, compared to promise rings. But its main characteristic is that it is usually made of silver and with diamond-colored stones. Clearly, the number of models depends on the tastes of the bride, so it is essential to take into account what that jewel will represent.

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Despite the fact that it is a jewel that only the bride wears and is the symbol that makes it exclusive for her beloved, it goes further, as it marks the beginning of a new phase of life that will depend on the couple to last forever.


Differences between a promise and engagement ring

It is normal for you to get confused between a promise and an engagement ring, however, there are factors that make them unique both physically and significantly, here we will tell you a little more about this, so that you have it clearer and identify the main differences between a ring of promise and commitment.


physical aspects

We can differentiate them by their size, appearance and design of the stone:

  • Promise ring : The stone of the ring is smaller and more delicate, as well as the setting, which is also thinner and finer.
  • Engagement ring: They are characterized by having large stones, since in the design of the jewel they are the protagonists, the stones are usually diamond-colored, since they represent the power, sometimes it can be more than one stone.


Meaning of each

As we have already read throughout this blog, each ring has a different meaning, without forgetting that each couple gives their own special value to this jewel. In addition to the meaning that each one has, we must emphasize different aspects.

  • Promise ring: It is a jewel that can be worn only by the bride or both together. It symbolizes a special stage for the couple, it is a prelude to the commitment and the intentions that the couple could have in the future.
  • Engagement ring: It is given when there is a true formality of the relationship, it is the symbol that reveals that there is a marriage commitment between the couple, to reach that goal.

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Life stage

  • Promise ring: It is more a symbol of the stages that the couple goes through, such as some decision-making that is important to both, or symbolize the transition that exists before they commit, until they reach the altar together.
  • Engagement ring: They are delivered when a couple who is already in a relationship, that is, they are dating, decides that the next stage is the commitment to marriage, prior to this crucial event.


place to carry it

  • Promise ring: It can be worn on any finger or hand, but if the couple prefers to differentiate the promise and engagement ring, they can choose not to wear the ring on the ring finger. If, in any case, you want to use it on that finger, when the engagement ring arrives, it will only be the decision of the couple or the bride to use both rings or place the promise ring on another finger. Sometimes the promise ring is inherited when the couple has children together.
  • Engagement ring: Normally, the bride wears the engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand and when the expected wedding day arrives, the wedding rings, which are delivered to the couple, are used in the same place, In the case of the bride, most wear both, first the engagement ring and then the wedding ring, but it depends on the tastes of each couple.


Why is the promise and engagement ring important?

Now that you know the differences between a promise ring and an engagement ring, it is essential that you value the meaning of each piece of jewelry. If you are about to start this beautiful stage with your partner, without a doubt, a promise ring could be something that reinforces your relationship and prepare them for that special day when they become engaged; however, the engagement ring will be the most important jewel in their relationship, as it marks the beginning of a future together.

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