What does it mean when a ring stains your finger?

Wearing jewelry is the perfect complement to your style, but something that often happens is that your fingers turn green from wearing rings, surely you have been through this uncomfortable situation , because let's be honest, this unpleasant color on your hands is a mark that they make your hands look dirty, harm your health, and most of the time, they produce a rusty smell.

Why do fingers turn green from wearing rings?

Green ring fingers are caused by a chemical reaction between the metal of the ring and the composition of the skin, factors such as sweat, chemicals, creams or perfumes applied to the hands, acids or salts present on the skin and the same environment.

This phenomenon occurs most of the time in costume jewelry , what we know as imitation of jewelry pieces, since they are made with non-precious materials, because they are cheaper, therefore, they are pieces of low quality and durability.

Ideally, the rings are made of metals such as gold, silver, bronze, iron or copper, since each of these materials interacts differently with the skin, oxygen and the substances with which it comes into contact, thus avoiding the appearance of green fingers by rings, and even red or black marks that can cause skin irritation.

How to avoid ring stains?

Now that you know how green fingers are generated by wearing rings, it is important that you know some important keys to avoid this unpleasant problem in your jewelry, here are 4 points that you can take into account the next time you buy:

1. Avoid jewelry at all costs

To get away from the stains of the rings on your hands, it is important that you be careful when choosing your jewelry , the first thing is to avoid costume jewelry at all costs, because although its price is cheaper, the lifetime of the piece will be minimal, risking the green spots they can cause on your skin and the possible damage to your health.

2. Check the origin of the jewel

It is important that you know the origin of the jewel, in the case of silver, you must verify that the jewelry store where you purchase the piece performs a correct process with the metal, as some jewelers lower silver with nickel and that generates allergic reactions and stains caused for the use of rings.

3. Know the composition of the metal of the piece

Let us remember that some metals with which jewelry is made are alloys, in the specific case of silver, the most common is 925 silver, which we use in each of our Vicari pieces.

Some jewelry stores sell 925 silver, but they alter the original alloy , since 925 silver should never oxidize or cause green fingers from wearing rings. If this is the case, the metal composition is altered and may have more copper than necessary in the metal mix.

We can see this example applied to the statue of liberty, which due to the composition of the metals, was initially copper-colored, since that is what it is made of, but over the years, it completely oxidized, generating the color green we know today.

4. Buy high-quality jewelry

A key point to identify that it is quality merchandise is that it should never generate stains on your skin when using it. Our Vicari jewelry does not contain nickel in its composition, the silver that we use for each of our collections is finished 925, which refers to those pieces that have 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

What reactions can generate a ring that stains your finger?

When using jewelry as a complement that highlights your beauty , an essential point for them to fulfill this function is to take care that they do not damage your skin, especially if you consider that you are a person with sensitive skin or suffer from an allergy.

Green fingers due to the use of rings go beyond an aesthetic issue, since sometimes this factor can be detrimental to your health, generating the following symptoms:

  • Irritation
  • Itch
  • Inflammation
  • Allergy

If this is the case, we recommend that you stop wearing the piece that caused the damage to your skin and be careful when buying jewelry, know its composition and opt for hypoallergenic jewelry, like each of our Vicari ring collection pieces.

Víctor Manuel Pelfini Bátiz