How to know your ring size? (the easiest way)

Rings are one of the most aesthetic, symbolic and special accessories that a person can have. Going through the process of finding the perfect ring is undoubtedly quite an adventure. It is normal to ask, Are there ring sizes? What ring size am I? , or What ring size is my partner?

That's right, the rings have a size and a measure for each hand, in this blog we will help you to know your ring size in an easy and practical way.

Why is it important to know the size of my ring?

It is not a secret that online shopping is on the rise, every day more people decide to buy different accessories through the internet, including jewelry, an example is our online store, due to the great ease of acquiring different pieces of our collections, from any part of the world, therefore, identifying your measurements will make your purchase much easier.

Making purchases from the comfort of your home is possible, thanks to the measurement systems, you will be able to know the ring sizes and which one is ideal for you, facilitating your purchase and generating confidence knowing that the piece of jewelry you purchase will fit perfectly in your finger.

Stay until the end so you know your ring size , and you can make your purchases online in the most comfortable and safe way, or simply to give a big surprise to that person you appreciate so much, without suspecting.

Know the main measurements of rings

The important thing in ring sizes is knowing the millimeters, because size conversions are always made based on that measurement. Remember that 1 cm is equal to 10 mm. Which means that if the circumference of your finger is 4.8 cm, the conversion to millimeters is 48 mm.

Before you know the measurement table, it is important that you know that, like other accessories, sizes change according to the region. Specifically, there are three ways to interpret ring measurements:

  • INTER size
  • US size
  • European size

Next, we leave you our table, so you can know what the measurements are in rings.

How to know the size of a ring in 4 steps

1- Find your perfect fit

The ideal way to know what the fit is in ring sizes is to identify the exact point or when the piece of jewelry enters and exits without discomfort to your finger, but without being loose when you move your hand.

If you have other pieces of jewelry that meet this characteristic, they will be your reference in ring size.

2- Draw a circle

After you know the ideal fit for the finger you'll be wearing the ring on, take a piece of white paper, find a pencil, and mark the inside outline of the ring . Make sure the pencil has a fine tip and that you're doing it just on the inside contour of the piece, not the outside.

3- Measure the diameter

Then, with a ruler, measure the diameter, that is, measure the center of the circumference you made, carefully count the millimeters and centimeters of the circle you made on the paper.

4- You can use flexible materials

Another way to know your size, if you do not have a piece of jewelry that fits perfectly, is to use a tape measure, or some flexible material, such as thread or ribbon . Roll it on the finger you want to wear the ring and measure the contour that was made, carefully cut the thread or ribbon that you used to know the total length of the circumference.

Tips to keep in mind

Finally, we share some tips that you can consider so that the purchase of your ring is not a problem and you feel confident when receiving your piece of jewelry. At Vicari we know the great value and meaning that a ring has , that's why we want you to choose your favorite design from our exclusive collection and that it fits perfectly.

Average ring sizes for men and women

On average, the ring size for women is 9, 10 and 11; for men it ranges between size 19, 20 and 21.

each finger is different

Make sure to measure the finger you want to wear the ring on, because there are factors that change the size of each finger, usually the dominant hand is larger, which causes each finger to have different measurements from each other.

Chunky design rings are little different

Rings with a chunky design, like our Ayse Color Round Diamond Ring , may fit a bit more snugly, so make sure you get your measurement with a ring that has a similar design or width to the one you want to buy.

Check the temperature

Sometimes temperature causes metals to shrink from cold or they can expand from heat, so try to measure rings at normal body temperature.

strong knuckles

If you have a very thick knuckle, try to take the measurement of two rings and take an average of both, with this you make sure that it is a size closer to the thickness of your finger.

Get the perfect ring

Now that you know the ideal way to calculate the size of rings, make sure you follow each indication in detail and apply the advice that we have given you . At Vicari you can make your purchase a safer and more pleasant experience.

We have a system of measurements adapted to your needs, with the possibility of choosing your favorite design, the color you want and the correct ring size, with the option of adjusting the sizes up to 2 numbers down or up.

At Vicari Jewelry, we have created a line of silver rings for women inspired by the beauty found in nature, with sublime details that will captivate your eyes, making you look elegant at all times. Discover our collection of rings!

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