How to take care for your rhodium-plated jewelry: 5 secrets from Vicari

The concept of bath in jewelry tends to be assimilated with poor quality jewelry that only needs a good metal cover, this with the aim of saving costs; however, the rhodium plating is totally different, because when it is done it is not intended to appear that the jewel is made of rhodium, but rather rhodium is used in jewelry to protect the pieces from corrosion and oxidation.
Something important that you should know is that rhodium is an even more expensive material than gold or platinum , this is because it is a metal that is found in very specific areas, so if you buy a rhodium- plated jewelry you must learn techniques on how to clean rhodium jewelry and its care. In this article we will share 5 secrets of Vicari.

What is rhodium in jewelry?

Rhodium is silver in color, it comes from the platinum family, it is one of the most expensive metals in the world due to its scarcity.

The production of rhodium pieces worldwide has a low percentage, barely 20 tons per year, for this reason it is more common to see that they make the pieces rhodium plated instead of making the pieces completely of rhodium, like all our collections . Vicari jewelry. Obtaining this metal is not as common as gold, since 8% of the metal in the world is only located in the American continent.

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What is a rhodium plating?

A rhodium bath is an immersion electrolysis technique for high-quality finishes in jewelry , that is, a procedure by which a layer of rhodium is deposited on metal pieces by means of a controlled direct current.

Basically, it consists of immersing a gold or silver jewel in a chemical solution that contains small amounts of the metal. These solutions have several grams of diluted rhodium inside them, and through an electrolytic process, a layer of rhodium adheres to the surface of the piece that has been immersed in the rhodium bath.

The use of rhodium plating has two main functions, to protect the jewel and to beautify it, since silver tends to oxidize with the air, it tends to acquire an unpleasant appearance and scratches if you wear the jewel regularly, however, when applying rhodium plating, you maintain its shine for longer, prevent it from oxidizing or scratching easily and extend the life of your jewelry pieces.

How to clean rhodium jewelry?

Now that we know why rhodium is used in jewelry and what a rhodium plating is, it is important that if you have any piece with these characteristics, you know how to clean rhodium jewelry, because although it is a strong and durable metal, it has its limits of use and specific care. Below we are going to list 5 Vicari secrets, so you can take the best care of your jewelry:

1- Do not use aggressive products:

When cleaning your jewelry, avoid the use of aggressive components and techniques , some examples are toothpaste, ultrasound, detergents, chlorine, etc. Also, do not experiment with homemade products to clean jewelry, as you can permanently damage the condition of your pieces.

2- Clean your jewelry with water and neutral soap:

To correctly clean your pieces of jewelry, you should only use soap and water with a neutral pH. Remember that this technique should be used in moderation and only when the piece requires it, since abusing its use can also damage your jewel.

A secret that will help you clean in more detail is to use warm water and use a minimum amount of both elements, this way you will be able to keep the jewelry in your collection clean and in perfect condition, such as our beautiful necklaces inspired by Mexico.

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3- Dry and polish with a soft cloth without fibers

One of the biggest secrets to know how to clean rhodium jewelry at home is to use soft cloths that do not contain aggressive fibers , you should at all costs avoid scouring pads with rigid fibers that can damage or mistreat the metal coating, as they can even generate difficult scratches to remove once marked.

The fiber-free cloth can also be used to dry the warm water and soap that we recommend you use at the interior point, but it can also be used as a method to dry polish the piece without wearing it out, if you perform this technique, It is important that you do it gently and gently, repeat this method once a month to remove dust or any element that takes the shine off the piece.

4- Do not expose your pieces

One more secret to take care of your rhodium jewelry is not to expose it to corrosive agents , which are often common, such as perfume, cosmetics, creams, hairspray, sunscreen or any chemical that can damage and dull your jewelry. pieces. 

We recommend you store your jewelry in a cool, dry place, preferably airtight and individually or wrap them in a soft cloth, this way you will prevent them from scratching each other or getting entangled.

5- Use your jewelry at the right times

Rhodium in jewelry has many benefits that will allow the pieces to look brighter, however, the useful life of the jewelry also depends a lot on the care we give each one , remember that jewelry is a perfect element to highlight the beauty of the person who wears it, whether you use it in everyday moments or in special events, the care must be the same, for which you must avoid at all costs wearing your jewelry at the wrong times, such as:

  • When bathing , water and personal care items can damage parts.
  • When exercising , because sweat directly damages the jewelry.
  • When you fall asleep , it can hurt your skin or you can break the piece with sudden movements, especially if they are necklaces or earrings.

    With these 5 tips to know how to clean rhodium jewelry , we are sure that you will preserve the integrity and shine of your pieces for a long time. Do you want to know our fine jewelry in silver with rhodium plating? We invite you to visit our online store.

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