Silver jewelry for women: 5 models to look spectacular

Jewelry is an essential element in anyone's look , having a variety of different silver jewelry for women is important, as it is a material that promises to make you look spectacular no matter what the occasion.

Today we bring you a list of 5 models that yes or yes you should have in your jewelry box, whether you have an important gala dinner and are looking for an elegant and luxury style or you simply need a piece that highlights your natural beauty on an outing. Casual with your friends.

Any of these women's silver jewelery from our Vicari collections will adapt to the situation and accompany you in the best moments, so take note and choose your favorite piece.

Ines Blue Sapphire Drop Ring

This type of ring has become a trend in the world of jewelry since Lady Di was identified by the color sapphire, since her engagement ring was characterized by being of this beautiful color.

The sapphire color in silver jewelry for women is related to good sense, for many it means wisdom and upright thoughts. Our goldsmiths sought to reflect purity and tenacity in this piece.

This beautiful drop-shaped sapphire ring is surrounded by white zirconias around the stone, forged in 925 silver, with a rhodium-plated finish that will maintain the shine of the ring and prevent any type of allergy. We are talking about a very important piece of jewelry due to its size, thanks to a striking stone mounted on a firm base.

Sebastian White Opal Earring

These original earrings will make you look spectacular on any occasion , but it is ideal for you if you think you have a strong relationship with water. This is a piece of our most authentic silver jewelry for women, as the crab shape will allow you to be yourself, since this peculiar animal reflects the sense of exploration of the world around you.

Dare to discover new horizons and reflect a vibrant style with our White Opal Sebastian earrings, a color with deep meaning that reflects tranquility, peace and serenity. The piece is forged in 925 silver with a rhodium finish to prevent any type of allergy in your ears.

Goccio Color Diamond Drop Necklace

Do you want to look simple but elegant? Our Goccio Diamond Color necklace with drop cut , is a silver jewel for women perfect for you, its 925 rhodium-plated finish will make you reflect a radiant personality and that is why it should not be missing from your collection.

The drop shape, or also known as a tear, is a type of cut in the stones, which are characterized by being fine and elegant, in the Greek culture the drop shape symbolizes joy, for the Chinese it is a symbol of perseverance and for Japanese culture reflects purity and innocence.

Ayse Mayanite Bracelet

Bracelets are the perfect complement that bring authentic beauty and a touch of elegance to any occasion you wear it. Bracelets are a type of women's jewelry that will make you stand out and our Ayse Mayanita model is no exception.

This beautiful drop-shaped piece by Vicari, with white zircons on its sides, was forged in 925 silver and has a rhodium finish to prevent future allergies. The name of this beautiful piece is inspired by the kind and beautiful Sultan Ayşe Hafsa, who was recognized as one of the most important female authority figures in the Ottoman Empire. You can make a perfect match with the earrings and pendants from the same collection.

Orella Color Diamond Ring

If we talk about classics, one of the silver jewelry for women that cannot be missing is a diamond-colored ring, the latest trend in jewelry is thick rings , like our Orella model, as it will make you reflect a sense of power, mystery and victory by wearing this beautiful and elegant piece of silver jewelry for women.

Remember that a jewel, no matter how small, will allow you to highlight even the most basic garments, with our Orella Color Diamante ring by Vicari, you will be able to reflect the femininity that this beautiful 925 silver ring with rhodium plating gives you, which will keep its great brightness and will prevent any type of allergy.

Now that you know the 5 silver jewelry for women that will make you look spectacular, it's time to pamper yourself and live the Vicari experience. Remember that all our jewelry pieces were created with the best quality, with a rhodium finish that will extend the life of your jewelry. Take advantage of our free shipping to all of Mexico, remember that your purchase is 100% secure and you have a satisfaction guarantee. Visit our online store!

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