How to choose silver necklaces for a woman?

The power that a necklace can have on a woman is enough to steal glances and become the center of attention . Therefore, it is important to choose the right necklace and you will only achieve it if you are in good harmony with this accessory. One of the essential elements to dazzle are silver necklaces for women, which will allow you to significantly increase your personality.

As we mentioned, women's necklaces tend to draw attention to the eyes, as they help to highlight your look. If you make a good choice of necklace, you will surely give your style a plus. But if you didn't choose the right necklace for the outfit, or the right outfit for the necklace, you won't get the same results, and it could even be an element that clashes with your style.

You should also keep in mind that the necklace will depend on the occasion or purpose for which you purchase it . Below we will give you a small guide of tips that will help you know how to choose silver necklaces for women, ideal for your style and body.

Lady's necklaces are not only a jewel, they are a tool

An important element that you must remember before purchasing women's necklaces is the fact that it is more than an accessory, you must use it as a tool in your favor. This is a golden rule.

Lady's necklaces can be used to define and star those features of your face that you want to highlight, and overshadow those that you do not want to highlight so much. To identify what favors you or not, it is essential that you know your type of face and that women's necklaces help you define your style, you can experiment with different models of silver necklaces for women, only then will you find the ideal necklace and you will realize of the big difference.

The secret is to adapt the necklace to the style of your face and thus achieve the perfect balance. At Vicari, we have a large collection of necklaces with different models and styles that will surely highlight your beauty.

Adapt silver necklaces for women to your body

Have you ever heard that black people lose weight and white people get fat? Let us tell you that something similar happens with women's necklaces. Depending on the shape or style of the necklace, it will help your most predominant features to be much more favorable, or it will help you to reduce the prominence of those that do not favor you so much.

Depending on the factions you have, you can choose the women's necklaces that best suit your style and essence, below we will tell you in detail what to consider before choosing the best silver necklaces for women:

Choose silver necklaces for women according to your neck

For women who are dominated by a long neck, wearing short or choker necklaces are the perfect option, as well as women's necklaces with fine and small details, such as our Isabela Mayanita Redondo model , because when using this type of necklace, they will fit perfectly with your physique and will bring balance and harmony to your ensemble.

For those women whose neck is shorter, a choker or short necklaces would not suit them very well . Visually, the choker makes the neck look shorter, therefore, long necklaces, or with more striking or large pendants, like our Anahata Round Blue Opal model , will favor them much more. By combining it with a good neckline, the view of your neck will be completely different and it will make you look spectacular.



Choose silver necklaces for women according to your bust

One of the difficulties that women with too much bust suffer is that from time to time they tend to want to look away from their cleavage and that is why they do not wear necklaces. But there is a solution for that. Using short and discreet necklaces is always the best option for this type of situation. A clear example is our Isabela Opalo Blanco Redondo model, due to its size and composition. Since silver necklaces for women in the shape of a "Y" tend to enhance that area more.

On the other hand, women who have a smaller bust volume, mostly use longer necklaces to highlight the neckline and look radiant . Although of course, you can also use short necklaces, or even combine different types of necklaces, short, long, large and small pendants, that will depend on the shape of your neck and your personality.

Choose silver necklaces for women according to your height

For tall women , just wearing short necklaces is not mandatory. You can combine necklaces of different sizes, short and long, even at the same time, as they will help to have a better balance.

But for women of smaller stature , using short necklaces does not benefit them most of the time. What we want is to highlight the neck and make it look more proportionate to the figure, which is why long necklaces are the best option.

Always look to use necklaces that make you look radiant! For example, our Sebastian White Opal Necklace , its size and design will make you look young and fresh.

Combine them with the ideal outfit

Now that we know what types of silver necklaces for women are the ones that go with the physical features , it's time to see which are the ones that combine perfectly with your outfits. And specifically, with the neckline.

If your style is more inclined to wear high or swan necks, the ideal is to wear lady's necklaces or long pendants, this will ensure that the length of the neck does not hide the accessory, and will give your outfit a unique and elegant style.

On the other hand, if you prefer V-necks or "Y" necklines, short women's necklaces will balance your entire image.

For those strapless necklines, short lady chokers and necklaces or with striking pendants, will make your figure have a greater role and look radiant.

Leaving this point a little clearer, the proportions of silver necklaces for women vary by the height and importance of the necklace, you should always look for a balance with the amount of skin shown and the shape of the neckline, use these elements in your favor.

As we mentioned at the beginning, look at the necklace as a tool that, together with the clothes, the physique and your style, will make a perfect, harmonious and balanced harmony.

Give a special meaning to women's necklaces

Whether you are going to give or buy a necklace, always try to reflect the essence of the person who will receive it or your own style. Remember that each jewel has a special touch, in addition to the type of stone, its color, size and figure, giving it that characteristic touch that makes silver necklaces for women unique.

Now that you know what the best composition of a necklace is for you and how to choose those silver necklaces for women that make you stand out and make you feel unique, it is time to put it into practice. At Vicari, you can find the best women's necklaces that will surely make you look spectacular. Visit our collection of necklaces!

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