7 Christmas gift ideas that every woman will love

Finally, the Christmas season is just around the corner, the spirit of fellowship, friendship and creating beautiful memories with family and friends is already felt everywhere. This season is the perfect excuse to show off with the best details, that's why today we share 7 ideas for Christmas gifts that every woman will love.

Why is jewelry one of the best Christmas gifts for women?

We know that when it comes to Christmas gifts for women, there are infinite possibilities, however, we assure you that giving jewelry will always be a gift that stands out and remains with the passing of the years. This is because being an accessory that highlights the beauty of the person, it will also be a symbol of time, durability and affection, since each piece can last a lifetime. We assure you that every time the person uses it, they will inevitably remember you.

Remember that each piece of jewelry represents a feeling beyond the obvious, as it is associated with some particular meaning or situation, so giving jewelry reflects great value for the person who receives said piece.

If you don't know what you can give away on these dates and you don't want to fail in the attempt, don't worry! In this blog we share a list of the best Christmas gifts for women, we hope to inspire you.



Best Christmas gifts for women

1.- Necklaces

One of our first ideas to give at Christmas are necklaces, this is the perfect detail for that person you want to take care of and with whom you want to maintain a long relationship, whether it is a friend, a partner or a relative, give a necklace as a gift It will always be one of the good ideas for Christmas gifts.

Giving this type of gift represents hope and love , since it is a piece that is worn in front and being an ornament that is wrapped around the neck, it is usually associated with great confidence in the person who gave it to you. At Vicari we have beautiful silver necklaces that will be perfect to give to that special person for you.

Monterreal Color Round Diamond Necklace


2.- Earrings

Earrings are one of the favorite and most original Christmas gift ideas, as they are usually associated with security and protection . If you want to show admiration to the person you will give them to, it is the perfect option.


Model wearing vicari silver jewelry


If what you want to reflect with this gift is a message of strength and admiration for how strong the person is, it is ideal, because you will unconsciously tell them the great value and potential that it reflects for you.

The earrings are by far an option, these qualities make them the ideal gift for women who amaze and value you . At Vicari we have a wholecollection of hoop earrings , with sophisticated and elegant designs and colors, which will undoubtedly capture the eyes of anyone.

Alejandra Emerald Green Hoop Earrings


3.- Bracelets

Bracelets are an accessory that can always be worn in your day-to-day life, which is why it is one of the best ideas to give away at Christmas and start the year, thanks to the fact that bracelets are a super versatile accessory; Whether you are looking for a discreet piece or otherwise you want to find a piece that stands out in your outfit, at Vicari we have a wide collection of bracelets , with different designs to wear on the wrist.


Model wearing vicari jewelry


This option is perfect as ideas for Christmas gifts for women , if you want to send a message of companionship and a symbol of friendship that lasts, without this being interpreted as something more serious, which is why they are the ideal option, thanks to the fact that they mean approval. , love and affection.

4.- Charms

Now, if what you are looking for is to give a more discreet detail, one of the ideal Christmas gifts for women are pendants. If it is a couple or friends, pendants are a perfect option. At Vicari we handle a wide variety of shapes and pieces. We are sure that you will find in our collection of pendants that piece that represents the relationship or friendship you have with that special person


Model wearing vicari 925 silver jewelry


The charms are amulets that are intended to be a wardrobe accessory, but each one of them has a different shape, that is why it has a unique symbolism and meaning, these can be from creative and attractive figures to protection amulets. or care, or they can simply represent formality and elegance.

In addition, wearing an eye-catching pendant can perfectly enhance your style, so it will not fail if you consider it as an option for Christmas gift ideas. Find the ideal design for this Christmas in our Vicari collection with more than 75 high jewelry charms.

White Opal Owl Pendant


5.- Earrings

Unlike earrings, earrings represent something very different, since they symbolize friendship, affection, gratitude, love and commitment ; Of course it has less weight than giving a ring. Bearing this in mind, earrings are one of the ideal Christmas gifts for women to give to a friend with whom you would like to have something more special and profound, or in the same way, you want to show her that her friendship is more valuable and unique to you. .

Valentina Mayanita Heart Earring


Now, giving jewelry represents a special connection with the person receiving the piece, but when you give a pair of earrings, it means that it really is someone important to you. At Vicari you can find more than 90 different models of earrings with a unique personality that will enhance the beauty of your face.

6.- Rings

Rings are one of our favorite Christmas gift ideas , because remember that being a gift that is given in the Christmas season or at the end of the year, it represents a symbol of a new beginning, redemption and eternity, because with its round shape, It symbolizes that there is no end. In various cultures the ring means power and redemption.

Cuore Color Diamond Heart Ring


Thanks to these characteristics, it becomes a perfect option to give it to a friend of great value to you, or otherwise to your partner . You have to remember that giving a ring is culturally related to commitment, so it should definitely be present in your Christmas gift ideas if you want to take the next step.

Our collection of Vicari rings, has perfect options to give a gift with meaning to that special person for you this Christmas, all our pieces are made with .925 silver with rhodium finish, inspired by the beauty found in nature, which which undoubtedly brings a touch of elegance and beauty.

7.- Jewelry set

If you still have not decided between the previous options and you are still thinking about which of the ideas for Christmas gifts is the best, do not be alarmed, because a set of jewelry is the best idea . When someone gives a gift box, it always represents an enigma and mystery of what is kept inside, that is why by giving a Vicari jewelry Gift Box, you will create a great feeling of surprise and emotion.


blue opal set


Just imagine it, a set of jewelry designed for that special person, a huge surprise that will wait under the Christmas tree, a Gift Box is an excellent option. You can create the perfect jewelry set, we have a wide variety of collections, from a set of earrings and a necklace, to a complete collection designed for that person you want to show your affection to this season.

Now that you have learned about the 7 ideas for Christmas gifts, we are sure that at Vicari you will find that detail that will last and will be a sign of affection in this special season. Are you ready to give the best gift this Christmas?

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