Jewelry trends 2023 you can't miss

Jewelry is the perfect complement to your outfits and style that characterizes you , 2023 is just around the corner and with this new year that is about to begin, jewelry trends are coming that will be present in the new imposed fashion. We do not want you to be left behind, in this blog you will discover the trendiest jewelry before anyone else and you will be able to stay in tune.

Like every year, fashions change and jewelry is no exception , because in addition to being the perfect accessory for any style and occasion, it is a way to demonstrate your essence and highlight your beauty, so you must go a step forward and know the trends in jewelry this 2023.

7 key jewelry trends for this 2023

You may be wondering: What are the jewelry trends for women this 2023? We well know that the fashion of this 2022 will no longer have the same prominence, so you should start preparing for the new jewelry trend and acquire before anyone else, the pieces that you do not yet have in your collection.

New year, new style! Next we will give you a preview of 2023 and you will know the jewelry in trend.

Big Rings

We know that in this 2022 rings have played an important role, regardless of the size, color and material with which they are made, they are undoubtedly an accessory that highlights the beauty of your hands. However, by 2023 things look different, as large rings have been predicted to be part of the jewelry trend.

Larger rings symbolize power and protection , so if you feel identified with this personality, do not hesitate to have large rings in your collection. Whether you decide to go for striking stones and protagonists of the piece or for thick compositions that cover a large part of your finger, one of the trends in jewelry will be large rings.

Nuit Blue Sapphire Drop Ring


At Vicari, we have different styles, designs and shapes that, without a doubt, any of our ring models will fit perfectly with you. For example, our Drop Diamond Color Empire Ring , due to its large size, stands out and gives a unique and elegant touch to your hand.

In addition, we are sure that wearing large rings is not such a drastic change in your look, on the contrary, it will give you an extraordinary balance, so combine them! Celebrities like Blake Lively or Meghan Markle have shown that wearing larger rings can help you look spectacular and take center stage.

Butterflies: the most feminine trend

As we have seen, from the years 2000 to 2005, the fashion of using butterflies in accessories and pieces of jewelry has been in trend , but this 2023, butterflies will have their leading role again.

Their tendency was a lot in those years of 2000, since it was a way to recover the legacy that the times of peace and love had left, thus they stood out in the world of fashion, where the hippie style that was a trend in the 70's years.

Many fashion leaders and celebrities have been implementing butterflies in their new spring collections and styles, for this reason, it will undoubtedly be one of the jewelry trends. In addition, music divas who have had their debut in recent years, such as Dua Lipa, have revived that fashion of the 2000s, so we believe that they will undoubtedly return to their maximum splendor. Here we share some Vicari models, where the shape of the butterfly is the protagonist:

Blue Opal Sea Gift Ring


Bracelets with stones in their composition

The stones never go out of style and always make a good complement with any wardrobe and style that you define.

The bracelets that will be part of the jewelry trend that will detonate in 2023 will be made up of geometric ornaments, as well as stones with very vibrant colors. These will cause us to cause a different sensation than the one we are used to and highlight our beauty.

Ayse Mayanite Bracelet


Without a doubt, the use of stones on your wrists will make you look more radiant and young. At Vicari, you can find different types of bracelets, with different models, stones and shapes, specially designed to make you look incredible, regardless of whether your style is casual or you want to dazzle on an elegant night. We are sure that our Daniela Opalo Blanco Ovalado bracelet or our Bianca Azul Sapphire model will be the perfect companion to look radiant this 2023.

Stones with geometric shapes

This is one of the jewelry trends that has been imposed and will continue to be present in 2023, since pieces with geometric ornaments will be the ideal accessory for any occasion, shapes such as drops, rectangles, hearts, ovals, squares and more; they are excelling in different pieces of jewelry.

Lucia Color Square Diamond Studs


Trendy jewelry is marked by geometric shapes, it doesn't matter if it's earrings, bracelets, pendants or rings, it's a trend that encompasses all pieces of jewelry, whether you prefer brightly colored stones like our Chiara Mayanita Drop ring or neutral and classic colors like our Cuore Color Diamond Heart pendant. Stones with geometric shapes in any piece will be one of the jewelry trends this 2023 and the perfect way to attract anyone's attention.

oversized earrings

This trendy jewelry is also known as maxi earrings, we refer to large earrings, this year its debut began, but by 2023 they will be the center of attention in fashion earrings, as they will give you a touch of elegance and power you need to draw all eyes to your face.


This type of earrings will make you the center of attention, they are the perfect option for those special nights where you need to give an elegant touch to your style and highlight your beauty. Our Empire Color Diamond Drop model or our Regia Color Diamond Drop And Rhombus earrings are the perfect combination, due to their striking size and their geometric shapes, they are the pieces you need to shine this 2023.

Moons and stars in jewelry

The shape of the moon and the stars have always been the symbol of balance and perfect alliance , which is why it is one of the trends in jewelry for this 2023. Despite being one of the most common shapes in different elements of fashion, in jewelry envision being protagonists that will stand out with any style.

Blue Moon Opal Mayan Night Necklace


Carrying a star and crescents in your jewelry pieces will give you a young and positive energy, without forgetting that both symbolize prosperity and for some people they mean a symbol of protection, so obviously you should start the new year with jewelry that bears these shapes . Our Diamond Color Moon ring or our Diamond Color Moon hoop model are perfect to start your collection of moons and stars.

Nuit Color Diamond Bracelet


Bright and dynamic colors

This 2022 the bright and dynamic colors returned, but by 2023 they promise to be one of the most important jewelry trends.

The combination of different shapes with the colors of the stones are here to stay. Colors like green, sapphire, turquoise, pink, white and even iridescent effects like our Mayanite Collection.

Ruby Red Serena Hoop Earrings


If you want to stand out with a unique style and use vibrant colors in your favor, this type of trendy jewelry will be your best ally for this 2023 , you can combine the tones and models as you wish, as it is a trend that applies to any piece of jewelry. , whether they are earrings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings.

Round Mayanite Eternia Ring


Now that you know the latest trends in jewelry, it's time to go a step forward and complement your jewelry collection for this 2023 , whatever your style and personality, at Vicari you can find any trend jewelry that fits perfectly with you and that will be your best ally to dazzle everyone this new year. Meet our online store!

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