What is the difference between 950 silver and 925 silver?

Although we know that silver is an element widely used to make high-quality jewelry , it is also a metal that, when in its purest state, tends to be more malleable, which results in a factor that makes it difficult to use in jewelry, since it is softer than other types of alloys. For that reason, it must be mixed with other metals to obtain more durable silver jewelry, which has given rise to 950 and 925 silver and the differences between the two.

There are many types of silver numbering , which characterize a piece depending on its purity levels. Today we will help you to know what is the difference between 950 and 925 silver.


What is silver numbering?

Before starting to talk about 950 and 925 Silver and their differences , it is important that you know the silver numbering , because in this way you will correctly identify the quality of a jewel when you acquire it.

Surely you have noticed that most of your silver pieces have a small mark or stamp with the number 950 or 925 , this mark is usually located inside the jewel.

These numbers indicate the degree of purity of the silver with which the piece was produced, that is, the numbering of the silver shows that the closer it is to the number 1000, the purer it is, however, pieces of grade 1000 are not manufactured, because silver is a very soft element and for jewelry use they would not be useful, since they would bend easily.

What does the 950 mean in silver?

Code 950 silver is a mixture of 95% silver and 5% copper . This alloy, having one thousandth more silver, becomes a purer piece, because in percentage it is more silver; however, it is softer.

This code, being the purest that exists on the market, is difficult to find, since one of the disadvantages of this type of silver is that, having a higher proportion of silver, it makes it less functional in the use of jewelry because it is less solid. 

The advantages that this silver has are:

  • They have a good shine, when polished.
  • Its hardness is enough to create beautiful jewelry, but it is more malleable than 925 silver, so more sculptural jewelry can be created.

What is .925 sterling silver?

The 925 termination refers to those pieces that are 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It has been called that because if it were divided into a thousand parts, 925 parts would be pure silver. Also known as sterling silver or sterling silver, this name comes from the British currency that was made up of the same percentage of silver.

This is the most used silver numbering in the world of jewelry, thanks to the fact that the alloy created is stronger, as is the case with all our exclusive pieces ; this fact generates that the jewelry composed with this silver numbering has the following characteristics:

  • Pieces with greater consistency and durability .
  • The jewel will not lose its shine in a short time.
  • Its oxidation will take longer.
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    How to choose between 950 and 925 Silver?

    Now, if you ask yourself the question which is better? Well, much will depend on the use and the needs that you need to cover when purchasing jewelry. If the jewel will be a ring or some costume jewelry for everyday use, such as our collection of bracelets with details in semi-precious stones , it is recommended that the jewelry be made of 925 silver, since it is more resistant to shock than 950 silver.

    Although, if you want mostly sculptural pieces, 950 silver is better suited for its malleability and shine, since it allows the creation of this type of jewelry; however, its market price is higher and its durability is lower.

    It is always good to ensure that the guarantee seal is on the pieces that you are going to acquire, so you will be sure that they are high quality jewels , and most importantly, that they will last and will not wear out easily.


    Get to know our rhodium-plated silver jewelry

    Now that we know the differences between 950 and 925 Silver , we want you to discover the Vicari experience . Each of our pieces exceed the functionality and aesthetics of the most common silver numbering, our secret is the rhodium plating.

    All our silver pieces are numbered 925 with a rhodium plating, which will allow you to have a much brighter and shimmering piece, with the strength and durability of the alloy . One more advantage of silver with a rhodium finish is that we are talking about a hypoallergenic material, which means that you will avoid any signs of allergy that you may present when using the piece.

    Rest assured that at Vicari you will find the perfect piece of jewelry for you, forged with the best quality. Discover our high jewelry!

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