Jewelry and costume jewelery: Are they the same?

Can you differentiate between a piece of jewelry and costume jewelry ? Although appearances are deceiving and both may seem similar, there is a huge difference between jewelry and costume jewelry, the materials, durability and quality vary greatly. In this blog we will give you some details that will allow you to differentiate them.


What is costume jewelry?

Surely you are wondering what costume jewelry is, possibly you have ever purchased a piece of jewelry or you have observed it, as it is common due to its low cost. In a few words, we can define costume jewelry as an imitation of jewelry pieces, since they are made with non-precious materials, because they are cheaper, therefore, they are pieces of low quality and durability , costume jewelry normally contains some of these materials:

  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Plastic, since many pieces incorporate PVC inside.
  • These metals or plastics are usually accompanied by gold plating; however, over time it also ends up oxidizing the material.


What is jewelry?

On the other hand, jewelry stands out for being pieces made with noble metals , such as silver and gold. They differ mainly from costume jewelry due to their high-quality materials, their exclusivity and durability , as is the case with our collections inspired by Mexican culture and nature.

The goal of jewelry is to highlight the beauty of any person and this is achieved thanks to the unique pieces that each jeweler designs and creates. Due to this, the price between jewelry and costume jewelry is different, because when you buy jewelry you get a piece that will last a long time.


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What is the difference between jewelry and costume jewelry?

Now that you know what costume jewelry and jewelry are , we want you to know the main differences between the two, so you can easily identify when it is a quality piece.


Imitation jewelry


They are pieces created with the highest quality materials, they use noble metals such as gold, silver and rhodium plating.

They are pieces made with low quality materials, such as plastic, zinc, steel, brass, among others.


By acquiring a piece of jewelry, we are capturing a moment and making it eternal, as some pieces can have great sentimental value.

They are more accessible to acquire and their only objective is to use the piece for a very short time, since after its useful life, the piece loses its value completely.


They will be pieces that will last you a lifetime and will remain intact with proper care.

Costume jewelry has a very short shelf life, as external agents affect the piece and immediately lose its color and shine from the first day.


Originality and exclusivity are two great values ​​of jewellery, since an authentic jewel was designed by a jeweler. Many of the pieces are engraved with the law, which indicates the purity and authenticity of the metal, as is the case with all our Vicari pieces.

Costume jewelry is easy to imitate, since most pieces are mass-made, with the aim of selling them on a large scale and at a low cost, so you will most likely find the same piece in different stores.


Acquiring a piece of jewelry is the best investment you can make if you want your jewel to last over the years and always be present and intact.

Its price is much cheaper than an authentic piece of jewelry, however, its useful life and its value will be lost when damaged.


By acquiring jewelry you ensure quality, durability and exclusivity, but you also take care of your health, as you will avoid problems of skin conditions. A clear example is each of our pieces , being rhodium-plated silver, a hypoallergenic material, you will avoid allergies.

There is no significant benefit to acquiring jewelry pieces, although it is much cheaper and more accessible, it is an investment that will end up being lost over time, for this reason when someone buys a piece of jewelry, they will need to buy another one when it breaks.


Discover our fine silver jewelry, each of our pieces is guaranteed to stay with you in the most important moments of your life.

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